Humidity 60%

Wind 9 Mph gusting to 19 Mph.

Light rain on Friday through Tuesday.

1am: 32°  2am: 32°  3am: 32°  4am: 31°  5am: 31°  
TodayClear throughout the day.27° To 36°
Thu Dec 12thClear throughout the day.19° To 36°
Fri Dec 13thLight rain in the evening and overnight.21° To 37°
Sat Dec 14thLight rain throughout the day.33° To 46°
Sun Dec 15thClear throughout the day.30° To 43°
Mon Dec 16thPossible light rain in the afternoon and evening.28° To 36°
Tue Dec 17thPossible drizzle in the morning.29° To 49°
Wed Dec 18thClear throughout the day.25° To 37°